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By AlyssaWagner on April 27, 2015 | comments

Well folks, it’s that beautifully glorious time of year that marks the beginning of wedding season for us! Wahoo! I feel like posting a wedding right now is something akin to coming out of hibernation ;) so if you’ve been a follower of this little blog for a while – thank you for sticking around! I can’t say it enough, but it means the world to me… well, us. Drew and I are so grateful for you all making what we do that much more special.

And speaking of Drew and I – hold on to your hats everyone, because some big changes are coming your way in the form of what this online home of ours looks like very soon! We are SO excited. And in the coming weeks I will slowly be revealing a bit more! So stay tuned for that ;)

The weekend before last we celebrated wedding number one of 2015 with our lovely new friends Brock&Alina. And it was an absolutely beautiful brunch wedding held at the St. Cecilia Music Center in downtown GR. I mean… does it get better than two people in love celebrating with all their loved ones AND bacon? I submit that it does not.

The thing I love most about this duo was put best in the words of the groom himself, talking about why he loves his bride so much: “I love that we are dorks together and it’s not embarrassing, we embrace it and have fun.” This could not be more true. They laugh together effortlessly, and are more than happy to cuddle in close at even a hint of posing request to do so ;) You’ll notice a few photos below where the goofy personality they share shines through… they’re probably some of my favorite photos of the bunch, because they’re just so ‘them.’ And after having just celebrated 5 years of being married to Drew (!!!) I can tell you with certainty that the ability to be goofy and light-hearted together will do a lot for a marriage. Every time I get a bit too serious, he finds a way to shake it up and make me laugh, and I have no doubt that that Brock&Alina will have no problem doing this for each other. :)

Huge shoutouts to their absolutely fantastic vendor choices too! – Posh Petals and their dreamy florals, Martha’s Vineyard for their delicious brunch (best meal of any day), and the John Shea Trio for jazz that had me moving to a beat the entire time we were shooting.

Thank you again and again for having us along for your wonderful wedding day celebration, B&A. We left filled to the brim and ready to tackle the rest of our season with an added confidence. So very grateful for you both.

Enjoy a peek into this beautiful day, everyone!