nate&brooke | 12 corners vineyard wedding

By AlyssaWagner on July 08, 2015 | comments
A couple weeks ago we had the total joy of being a part of this beautiful wedding, and sheesh… what a day. Nate&Brooke, first off, are some of the kindest (and silliest :)) people you will ever meet. They make such an effort to ensure that the people around them feel special and loved, and were gracious enough to extend the same kindness to us. From start to finish, the day was spent laughing, and every single person we encountered (I’m serious… every one!) was smiling and happy. Pretty sure I had a perma-grin the entire day ;)

And the photos will speak for themselves on this but mega high fives for some killer details! Sunflowers and Mason jars in the middle of a vineyard?? Doesn’t suck. And I couldn’t give MORE of a shoutout to 12 Corners for hosting one heck of a wedding day. The ladies in charge were incredible and so attentive to absolutely every detail. This is only their second season hosting weddings there and you would never guess it! Super impressed.

Really though, what makes us all warm and fuzzy inside when we look at these photos is the two people that everyone was there to celebrate. Nate&Brooke share such a pure love. They are honest, gracious, and so quick to laugh about everything together. We left with the biggest smiles, because we were once again reminded of how beautiful it is to commit your forever to your best friend. It’s worth it. It work, to be sure, but it’s SO worth it. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us in, N&B. And we will now spend the rest of our days trying to convince you to move to GR and be our neighbors. We will buy you all the tacos, if it helps sway you ;)

Hope you all enjoy a peek into this wonderful day!

All our love,