matt&staci | michigan state university wedding

By AlyssaWagner on June 19, 2015 | comments
Hello, friends!

It is a beautiful Friday in Grand Rapids (sunshine, slight breeze, all the happiest birds are singing!) so this blog post is brought to you from my lovely front porch swing. Not that it matters a whole lot or that you can see me or anything, but it just felt right to share my joy. :) I think one of the biggest perks of this job I have is the ability to answer emails and pick blog images right on my porch. I. Will Take it.

So, Matt&Staci. Golly. These two special people were our first wedding booked for the 2015 season. Actually, I’m pretty sure the initial email I got from Staci was about a year and a half out from their wedding date! I wasn’t booking yet, but they were kind enough to meet up anyway so we could at least chat! We all sat at one of our favorite local spots and talked for what must have been at least 2 hours, after which I looked at Drew and said “Okay. I don’t care what the details are… we simple HAVE to photograph their wedding day.” And at the end of May this year, we did just that :)

I love Matt&Staci’s relationship. They really, I mean, REALLY know how to have fun together. They laugh effortlessly, and have this incredible way of making everyone around them happier and more at ease. Since the first moment we met them, they have treated us like friends – not just some random photographers they found online, haha. And it really did make all the difference in our ability to do what we do best – capture exactly who they are. As Drew and I looked through these images one last time this morning to make our blog selections, we just had to smile and laugh and ooo and ahh. It was the greatest day. I say this despite a day of 100% chance of rain with a cold front that moved through exactly at the time their outdoor ceremony was! (Seriously… by the end of the 30 minute ceremony it was probably 10 degrees colder. What?!)

M&S – you are wonderful. We love that we get to call you friends now. And you have the most beautiful marriage ahead of you! Thank you so much for having us capture this amazing season in your lives!

Enjoy a peek into their day, everyone!

Much love,