andrew&becca | metro detroit, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on May 15, 2015 | comments
Well over a year ago now I got an email from an incredibly kind girl who excitedly explained that she had been following my photography for quite a while and was just waiting to get engaged to finally contact me about her own wedding… which she was finally able to plan! There I sat on the other end of the screen, flattered and totally humbled by the fact that someone would say such kind words and actually stick it through all of my posts and over-abundant words for so long. I remember feeling so loved and validated in this job at that moment, and often recalled her kind sentiment on some tougher days. All this to say – for all of you that have been following our work for a while now – thank you. I can honestly say that every comment and smiley face means so much to me. I see them all and they all make my heart so full. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and that wonderful girl? That was Becca :)

Almost 2 weeks ago now we celebrated as she and Andrew committed all the love in their hearts to one another for the long haul. Watching the way they looked at each other all day was priceless. You could tell it was just surreal to them that after a long season of engagement they were finally here. And it was about so much more than celebrating a long-awaited wedding day… these two are best friends. The fact that they finally got to say my life for yours and yours for mine is what mattered. Way more than the flowers, the dress, the party, any of it. It was so, so beautiful. We are so grateful to have been a part of it, A&B. Thanks for having us along as part of the story.

Also… let’s all talk about how much I swooned over this golden hour. Holy moly. Michigan, you dreamy thing you.

And can I please give two thumbs WAY up for their band, the Rhythm Society Orchestra?! Goodness me. They were incredible, and so much dang fun. Please, everybody, book them for everything.

Enjoy a peek into their lovely day, everyone!

Much love,