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By AlyssaWagner on May 05, 2015 | comments
Well hello! And Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I mean… a lot of us don’t have a whole lot of reason to celebrate this holiday personally, outside of a deep love and respect for tacos, but I say that’s reason enough either way ;)

A little over a week ago we celebrated the second wedding of our season, and wow, was it a lovely day. I’ve been really excited to share it with you all! Joe&Katie are truly fantastic people. It was amazing to us to watch how well they love and treat the people around them. And it was obvious by the almost tangible joy surrounding their whole day that their friends and family care about them so deeply.

Drew and I just finished reading Donald Miller’s new book, Scary Close, this past week, and something he said in the last chapter of the book stood out to me. In talking about how so many people pulled together to make his own marriage celebration so special, he said, “It’s encouraging to watch what people will do to contribute to a love story. It’s as though we universally recognize the union of souls is worth sacrificing for.” It reminded me once again why I am so proud to invest my time and energy into this job that is photographing people’s wedding days. This matters. These memories aren’t just pretty and planned to a T, they’re sacred. And the love that surrounds a marriage of two people, in all kinds of different ways by all kinds of different people, is absolutely beautiful. Joe&Katie’s wedding day was all of this. Aesthetically, it was completely dreamy, but what left us feeling full to the brim at the end of the day was watching them be with the people they love most. It was an honor to photograph it all.

And speaking of those dreamy aesthetics… their entire day took place at The Dearborn Inn, and I can’t say enough good about how beautiful their space is and how wonderful the people who work there are! Their florals were all done by the incredible gals over at Jen House Design, who are not only insanely good at what they do, they are also as sweet and fun as could be. (Please, everyone, hire them. Just do it.) Makeup artistry by Tammy Pore of Tammy Pore Makeup was, as you will quickly see below, flawless. They hired a harpist (!!!) for their ceremony – Fauna Navarre, who was also a total delight. And their cocktail hour and dinner music was provided by Charles Boles & Band, a Detroit-based jazz quartet! Actually, I just found out this man has an incredibly impressive history – touring and recording with B.B King, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and many more. What?! Amazing. The party was kept bumping until well after the late night pizza and popcorn came out by Dom over at Fairytale Productions as our DJ, and the same company also acted as their videographer! We absolutely loved working with Lance all day. All in all… killer vendor choices!

I’ve said enough, per the norm. I hope you all enjoy a peek into this incredibly beautiful day. Joe&Katie – you have a wonderful marriage ahead of you. Watching the amount of silliness and respect you share with one another is inspiring. Thank you again for having us along to help tell your story!

All our love,