richard&rachel | metro detroit, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on October 23, 2015 | comments
Two outdoor weddings in a row?! Man did we draw the location (and weather) lottery! :)

It’s not often we shoot two weddings in one weekend, but for these wonderful people we made an exception. And boy was it worth it. Not only was this some of the most beautiful weather we’ve had all year, we got to celebrate Richard&Rachel, who I’m pretty sure laugh as effortlessly together as any couple we’ve seen. Which let me tell ya… doesn’t hurt for photos ;) what makes them even more special is the fact that neither of them had dated anyone else before each other. How amazing is that?! I would say the wait was well worth it. These two are absolutely beautiful together, and if anyone needs further proof of that it can be found in the incredible families that surround them. Holy moly what a fantastic group of people.

Alright, I’ve said enough – per the norm, ha! A quick shout out to some great vendors + details and we’ll be on our way! Enjoy a peek into their day, everyone. And truly, thanks again for stopping by. We are so touched but every person that has come our way and encouraged us in this job we do. Grateful for each and every one of you.

And R&R? Thank YOU for inviting us along to tell a piece of your story with our photos. We had a blast, and we think you’re amazing.

Hugs and high-fives from afar! :)

– Alyssa&Drew

makeup // Kristina DiDonato
bouquets // Debbie Malek
ceremony + reception // Lazy J Ranch
dinner // Highland House
dj + emcee // Kevin Neuendorf (Ragity Man)
doughnuts // Diehl’s Cider Mill
pies // Grand Traverse Pie Company