welcoming baby calum | ann arbor newborn family photography

By AlyssaWagner on June 22, 2016 | comments
I was just realizing today how few people that follow us know that we LOVE to photograph newborn family sessions - so a blog post is in order! :)

These photos are especially dear to us, too. This beautiful new parent duo here are our friends Andy&Charlie, and if you’ve been following our work for a while you’ve likely seen them before! We also had the joy of photographing them in their engagement season and getting a front row view of their wedding day… and now, in capturing these beautiful new moments as they get to know their son, Calum. (Fun fact: they call his nursery ‘The Cal Zone.’ YEP. They’re that awesome.)

The #1 best part of this job is knowing that we are able to capture and help people remember the amazing moments that make up the life they get to live. The things that make it unique and special and beautiful. So needless to say, the fact that we’ve been able to do that for these lovely people 3 times now is such a gift.

We love ya, A&C (&C!). Thanks for being our friends and encouraging us as we go - you are wonderful through and through.

And everybody, for real, more sessions like these please! They’re the best! Any opportunity we can have to photograph authentic life and love we are ALL about - especially when it involves teeny tiny babes :)