newness & nostalgia

By AlyssaWagner on May 25, 2016 | comments
Well wow… we did it! We made a new little online home for our photos to live. It’s a fairly small deal in the giant scheme of the internet and vast number of wedding photographers out there… we know :) but it’s ours, and it’s special to us.

For one, it’s about darn time we made the full transition into our title as Alyssa & Drew Photographers. Alyssa Wagner Photography was good for a time, but if you’ve worked with us in the past couple years, it’s pretty apparent that this thing is a duet and not a solo act. One of the things I’ve come to love most about this job is that I get to do it with my fabulously talented (and attractive, let’s be real) husband Drew. So bye-bye to Alyssa Wagner Photography, and helloooooo Alyssa&Drew!

Secondly, we’re just so excited to have a new online presence for ourselves and our work! The photos we’ve taken and people we’ve been able to work with are so special to us, and we finally feel we have a space that will showcase it for what it is. We’re a little quirky, place a high premium on fun, and will never compromise for top notch quality photos, and we think our web designer/developer Adam Reece and logo/branding designer Jordan Bourne did a totally bangup job helping us stick true to these priorities. (THANK YOU!!!)

On a less detail-oriented note, launching a whole new website and thus being forced to go through allllll of your previous work will, needless to say, make you pretty nostalgic.

The beautiful and exhaustively talented Dorothea Lange was once quoted saying that “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” And sheesh, I couldn’t agree more.

Another reason I have been immeasurably grateful to call this my job is in how it’s shaped how I see the world. Things I might have once not given a second glance make me stop and think now. How colors interact, how light bounces, how laughter changes the dynamic of an entire room… I just notice it more now. And I really believe a lot of that has been because of having a camera stuck to my face so much. Wedding season can be brutally exhausting/demanding, but somehow, we always leave so full. It’s a beautiful testament to the power and life given by love, and just how much dang beauty is in the world.

So, I decided to *finally* make a recap post. From the last 4 years. (No small task, you guys. It took me forever, ha!) I chose these photos on gut reaction. For a myriad of reasons. Not all of them are mind-blowing images or anything, but they are special to me, to us, and they speak true to the things that move us and what we would like to photograph more of.

I hope you enjoy a peek into the last few years of our photo journey, and I also hope, if they move you too, that you might someday partner with us and allow us to tell a part of your story.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by our *NEW* website!!! It means a lot, and we hope you’ll come back again. We can guarantee smiles and more than likely a good dose of quirkiness. ;)

All our love,