rob&ashley | lake michigan engagement photography

By AlyssaWagner on December 07, 2017 | comments
Holy blogging hiatus, Batman.

This year has been a bit of a brutal one (a husband in physical therapy school is no joke!), and for the sake of getting photos to our wonderful client friends in a timely fashion, I have set blogging to the wayside for most of the season. And golly do I miss it. We have the most beautiful people to share with you. I am constantly pinching myself that we get to meet and work with the people that we do, and I’m PUMPED for our slower season to be here so I can start sharing them with you!

Today, on this snowy blustery day in Grand Rapids (it looks like like a snow globe from inside our living room!) I am reminded of another blustery day spent along the shore of my favorite lake with these two lovely humans. And I will take any excuse to share photos involving Lake Michigan. Rob&Ashley were absolute champs (it was so much colder than they make it look here), and I think we can attribute most of that to the fact that they are so crazy about each other and completely happy just to be together. (Or maybe they’re part eskimo.) Seriously though, I smiled my whole drive home after this session, and that’s saying a lot because my toes were frozen.

Absolutely cannot wait to photograph their wedding this June, where we are fairly assured our toes will not be frozen. Though I won’t lie… this chilly wind made for some swoon worthy moments, in my opinion. :)