jaron&leah | a millcreek barn wedding

By AlyssaWagner on June 16, 2017 | comments
Sometimes, I (Alyssa) get asked if I ever still cry at weddings, or if they all start to become something that blends together because photographing them is our job week after week. I love those questions, because they’re always such an easy and delightful thing to answer. Yes, I will likely tear up between 2-5 times on all wedding days. And no, they really don’t. On our way to each wedding we photograph we remind ourselves - while this might be the hundredth wedding we’ve photographed, this one is theirs. Without fail, no matter where we’re at in the crazy thing that is wedding season, that makes us giddy with anticipation, and reminded of the beauty that it is to commit yourself to another, to say your life for mine. (...excuse me here while I wipe tears from my eyes because no one should never listen to Lone Bellow’s ‘Tree to Grow’ while writing a blog post about marriage. Woof.)
The emotions that surrounded Jaron&Leah’s wedding day were palpable. It’s gonna be hard to put it into words, but it was one of those days that you leave and just kinda need to be quiet for a while because it meant so much. The photos will show their emotions, I promise. :) Pretty sure we’ve never seen a groom more excited to see his bride come down the aisle. (And let me take this moment to say that I’ve mastered the art of getting tack sharp photos with a steady stream of tears coming down my face.) Obviously, these two are crazy about each other. But moreso, they carry such a weight to the fact that they found each other, and get to do life together until, Lord willing, they are old and gray. It truly felt, in every way, like the first day of their forever, and it was a humbling thing to be a part of. Because you guys… marriage ain’t easy. But starting it knowing, really knowing, who is standing in front of you and how much you’re willing to sacrifice for them - that’s what a wedding day is supposed to be about. 
Summary: hit my maximum cry quota on this wedding day. And wanted to run away and marry Drew again the next day. If marrying someone again while you’re already married to them is a thing?
On a lighter note ;) The MillCreek Wilde is gorgeous, and we want to shoot all the weddings there. They work so hard to make their grounds and facilities perfect, and make sure things run smoothly. And can I sing the praises of Kaci of Damsel Floral enough? I think not. She is incredible and kind and obviously a wizard and you should all hire her for everything you want to cover in floral perfection.
Here are all the vendors you’ll see represented in the photos below >>
venue // the MillCreek Wilde
hair + makeup // Michelle Worthington of Beaux Cheveux (hair) + Briana Dias, friend of bride! (makeup)
florals // Damsel Floral (Kaci - you are a floral magician)
catering // White Horse Farm
J&L - you two are the best. Growing old together is gonna look so good on you, and by golly if we don’t all get to hang out again, we will be sad. Thanks again for inviting us along to be a part of your wedding day. We’re deeply grateful.
Much love,