lindsay&sam | northern michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on June 24, 2020 | comments
Hi y’all! One heck of a special day coming at you, born out of one heck of a wild time on earth. A few personal words first though, so either bear with me or feel free to skip on down to the main event.

If you’ve been keeping track, it’s been a hot second since I (Alyssa) last blogged a wedding. Like… about a 3 year long hot second. That’s a big bummer in a lot of ways, but it was just one business task I no longer found myself mentally and emotionally able to do for whatever reason, so I didn’t. And that’s okay. In the last 3 years Drew and I have seen some major life transition! A lot of it requires a boat load more time than this blog post should entertain, but the big one is that Drew became a doctor of physical therapy! It was his dream, and he grabbed it while diving in off of a full sprint and carried that momentum right through GVSU’s 3 year program (graduating early, at that), landing most recently with a job at an incredible clinic run by the most beautiful humans. He loves it so much. (Thank goodness.)

It’s been a serious adventure and a whole lot of work, but we’ve been endlessly grateful that he even had this opportunity, and that we can both be on the other side doing what we’re each so passionate about. And don’t worry… he is still shooting weddings with me. So your dance floors will continue to stay extra lit.

Drew happened to graduate with THE most spectacular group of humans, and one of those humans is the amazing woman you’ll get to meet below. Actually, I remember meeting her over 3 years ago and thinking ‘okay, I love this person.’ (Turns out we’re both enneagram 3s, so no big shocker there ;)) Needless to say, when Lindsay & Sam contacted us about photographing their wedding day we were elated and completely flattered.

Somewhere along their planning journey, we were all thrown head first into a pandemic, sending everyone’s wedding plans into serious limbo. Eh, limbo is putting it lightly. It was (is) pure chaos. But for these two, they decided that May 23, 2020 was going to be the day they got married no matter what, and they patiently and gracefully just went along for the ride. For them, this meant renting a 100 year old cottage on Lake Michigan and gathering with their immediate families for an intimate ceremony on the deck, followed by a dinner they cooked together and enjoyed in the same spot they had just shared their vows.

The best word to describe it was magic. There was laughter, tears, golf cart transportation, ring pops, and a very sparkly Lake Michigan. They were also surprised by a drive-by parade of local friends and family who wanted to honk and cheer and throw copious amounts of rice at them.

Honestly y’all, I love love love small weddings. I’d be thrilled if more weddings started to look like this one. As I looked back on these photos last night, I was struck by how meaningful they all felt. Lindsay & Sam were able to sit and visit with every single person there, people who have invested so much time and love in their lives. We were able to meet every single person, and they were kind enough to trust us to photograph their sweet glances and hand holds and goofy story telling moments.

Anyhow, I could probably go on for a lot longer here, but you get the idea.

L&S - you are so. very. special. You are kind and generous, silly and intentional, and clearly loved and admired so deeply by those closest to you. It’s a joy to be your friends, and an unspeakable gift to have been trusted to capture and be a part of such a sacred day.

Much love,