dj&courtney | detroit, michigan colony club wedding

By AlyssaWagner on August 30, 2013 | comments

Good morning! Well, if you’re reading this in the morning, I suppose. Otherwise, good day! (Does that make me sound like I’m trying to be British? Oh well.) Either way, I am sitting here enjoying a freshly brewed mug of french-pressed coffee with a delicious apple because IT’S FALL IN MICHIGAN and soaking in the lovely golden rays of morning sun. (Aaaaaand in unison… ‘Ahhhhhh!’) ;) For all the things I find myself tethered to my computer to do these days – editing, emails, mapping things, editing, marketing, editing – my favorite is when I finally get to sit down and curate my favorite images from a wedding day or photo session, and collect my thoughts about the event into words.


It’s where, for me, it all comes together.


I get to remember, to process, to laugh all over again, and in most cases, allow myself to really soak it all in for the first time. Wedding days are so chaotic – even the most relaxed ones. They require being on your game 110% of the time, all while doing your best to remain creative, fun, organized, and sane. (Hah.) And don’t get me wrong – I LOVE all of that. More than I thought I ever could, and more every day. I was definitely made to do this job, and for that I am extremely grateful and humbled. But when it comes time to blog it’s like a little gift to me. Every time, I remember why it is I do what I do. How beautiful the commitment of forever really is. What made this day in particular so special. And I hope, so truly, that all of this is where I get the desire and mission that I articulate to all of my potential clients – that I want to be a story-teller. That they will look back on their images and remember it all again. That in a flood of laughter and tears, they’re in it again. That even in their hardest of days, they can see photographs from their wedding day and remember how special it was, how much it meant, and how worth it they are to each other. And I can only hope that if I feel even a little glimpse of that myself, that they feel it exponentially so. That’s story-telling. And a story worth telling. Oh how I hope!


So. This day.


DJ&Courtney – goodness we love you guys! This day was a genuine riot from start to finish. Not only did these two (and their entire bridal party!) look as classy as it comes, they were relaxed, excited, and just flat out ready to celebrate. I loved watching them interact with each other all day. You can see how comfortable they are together, how much they respect and admire one another. Oh, and how much fun they love to have together. :)


You two, and your wonderful families, made us feel like old friends all day. Thank you for that. It’s such a reflection of how you treat everyone around you, and for that, I can’t wait to see all you do together!


With so much love,




Oh, and let me share how much I LOVE Detroit weddings. …A LOT. Courtney (and the ladies) got ready at the hotel at the Greektown Casino downtown, DJ&C married at the First United Methodist Church in Dearborn, and then celebrated the night away at the completely stunning Colony Club back downtown.


Alright, enough from me.