kris&emily | holland, michigan anniversary photography

By AlyssaWagner on August 16, 2013 | comments
Well hi :)

Hope you all are enjoying this perfectly lovely Friday evening! Even though Fridays are rarely my ‘weekends,’ I so enjoy the excitement in the air around me of all the people I love who finally get the chance to exhale and rest after a long week of hard work. There’s something about it that’s incredibly restful for me too – even though I’m spending my evening blogging, cleaning gear, formatting memory cards, and memorizing schedules. Perhaps it’s the type A in me, or the really wonderful acoustic Temper Trap album I’m listening to, but I think I’m going to mostly attribute it to the fact that I’m hopelessly in love with what I do. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel immensely blessed and blown away by the fact that I get to be a wedding photographer. (With my hunk of a husband, no less!) It’s the hardest and most exhausting thing I’ve ever devoted myself to, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else anymore. Humbled beyond words – I simply don’t deserve it. I hope to use it well and not for myself, which is a daily struggle, but that is a whole other blog post worth of thoughts and emotions that I won’t get into now ;)

But onto these two! Eeeep! I’ve been so excited to share these photos with you all. I got an email from Kris not too long ago letting me know he’d like to surprise his bride of 3 years with a photo session together, and I squealed with excitement. Seriously. I did that. Like a teenager. You see – not only are they fabulously in love and dang good looking, they are very dear friends of ours. In the short time we’ve known them, they’ve been an encouragement in so many ways, and a true testament to the beauty of marriage. They are hysterical, deeply caring, intelligently thought-provoking, and just flat-out awesome friends.

Also – how excited was I when Emily contacted me post-surprise announcement with the idea of slipping that dress back on (that she still fits in perrrrfectly! Boom!) for part of the session. Ummmm, yes?! It was grand. And I loved how they pulled their wedding day look together in a fun, new, casual way. And, I mean, suspenders. Yup.

I’ll be done gabbing now, but I hope you all enjoy this peek into their wonderful session. Drew and I still can’t stop talking about how much fun we had taking these photos ;)

Happy weekend, friends!