rene&kristen | grand haven, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on August 10, 2013 | comments

Hello internet friends :) Happy Wednesday!


Well, we’re moving right onto our next August wedding today, and I have been itching to share some of these images with you since the moment they were captured! It was just one of those days where several images made me do a happy dance on spot because I just knew they were gonna be special.


I met Kristen a few years back when I had the honor of standing in my dear friend Danielle’s wedding, who just so happens to be her beautiful sister. Thankfully, Danielle and I have stayed in touch, in which time, I have always admired her relationship with her sweet sisters from afar. So, lucky me when Kristen contacted me about photographing her wedding day! I was over the moon.


You see, Kristen is just my kinda gal – she is laid back, loves the simple things, laughs often, and giggles about crazy internet cats. We hit it off immediately ;) So back in January when I finally got to meet her handsome Danish man and take a few chilly photos of them together, my anticipation for this wedding day only grew. Rene&Kristen are perfect together. Seriously, perfect. One of my favorite things to notice in a couple is when they have the inability to stop touching – arm around each other, playing with each others’ fingers, holding hands, all that goodness. And boy do these two got it. They are visibly head-over-heels for each other. They are patient, respectful, loving, and as silly as silly can be. I couldn’t possibly say enough about them! Marriage will suit them oh-so-well.


Oh, and another awesome thing about this wedding? Two cultures coming together as one! Seeing the traditions and families of both the United States and Denmark blend was spectacular. Everyone was so excited and accepting of the things that make weddings special for them (even the slow-clap-squeeze-in-together first dance, sock snipping, and tie cutting! ;)), and it was a joy to experience so many things we’ve never been a part of before. We laughed hard, many times this day. It was grand.


I could probably go on for another chapter’s worth with stories from this day, and all the moments I found special, but this small peek into the day will have to do it’s best to do it justice for you all. I wanted to blog like 200 images, but I restrained myself ;)


Rene&Kristen – we’re so grateful. For the experience of it all, the love you’ve shown us, the family and friends you’ve shared with us, and for entrusting us to photograph your amazing day. We’ll never forget it.


All our love,