brent&emma | grand rapids, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on August 22, 2014 | comments
Before I get any further and because I need to get this out of my system, can we all just celebrate the fact that IT IS FALL IN MICHIGAN. Changing colors, cooler breezes, magically dreary rain and the most perfect Simon & Garfunkel weather EVER is upon us. I am in heaven.

Thanks, guys. I needed that.

Now, let’s rewind to this fabulously perfect August wedding, shall we?

To be honest, I sit over here at a bit of a loss for words in regards to what to say about this particular wedding. So, I think to not overdo it, and because I’m about to blog way too many photos that will tell the story better than me anyway, I will keep my words brief today. (Well, ya know, brief for me. Whatever.)

These two people are incredibly special to us. I (Alyssa) have known this beautiful woman since she was in high school and I was her dorky small group leader. Her maturity always blew me away, and somehow, she managed to transform into even more of a beautiful, compassionate, and humble woman. I knew it was going to take someone pretty darn amazing to be suited to marry her. Brent is that and then some. He makes her better, and I have never seen her so happy and at peace.

We love you two so much! So grateful to be your friends, and beyond honored to have been your wedding photographers.

Also, part of what makes me extra in love with a lot of these images is due to the fact that Brent&Emma were quite comfortable just being themselves in front of my camera. Whether that meant following some of my direction or being quirky and totally doing their own thing. It was perfect, and I truly believe photos that really tell people’s stories well are a collaboration of these efforts. End side note. :)

OH. And can we all appreciate Emma’s insanely perfect BHLDN wedding dress? Because WHOA.

Hope y’all enjoy a peek into their fantastically perfect and, at times, delightfully weird wedding day ;)