john&sarah | lake michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on August 02, 2014 | comments
Well, today is the the much anticipated day I get to share the wedding day of a couple people who are incredibly dear to my heart. So, sorry not sorry, I’m probably going to be a little sappy and potentially say too much. I won’t be offended if you skip over most of words :) though I will say – it’s worth the read to get even the littlest glimpse of how amazing these two are.

So, meet John&Sarah!

You know how you have some people in your life that are just your kind of people? Well these are some of those people. We generally laugh the entire time we’re all together, and they’re always ready and willing to talk about the stuff the matters. They’re intentional, beautiful people, who – as if you won’t be able to see this ALL over the images below – are absolutely crazy about each other. John is always looking at Sarah like there is no other woman on planet earth who even comes close to as beautiful (to which I will not contest! :)) and if he is next to her, Sarah is attached to that man’s arm like her blood would stop flowing if she wasn’t. I love their love.

They put the people around them at ease. Individually, and even more so when they’re together. They listen to your every word and care about each one. They will do anything to help you at any time that is humanly possible. They will make you laugh, and laugh when you’re funny as well. :) They have phenomenal taste in, oh, everything in life. They have, share, and live out an unashamed and beautiful faith and relationship with Jesus – and, no matter how you feel or where you’ve been, are some of the best people ever to talk to about it. They’re super duper smart. They’re world travelers with a heart to love everyone they come in contact with the best can. And lucky us, despite all this awesomeness and all our weirdness… they’re some of our dearest friends. Yeah, pretty crazy. :)

Needless to say, it was an incredible joy and honor to photograph such an awaited and meaningful day in their lives. They held their ceremony in the morning along the gorgeous Lake Michigan coast at PJ Hoffmaster State Park, and the weather could not be beat. They decided to see each other before the wedding to get some nerves out and take some photos, and it was basically the first look to end them all. I mean… the fog rolled BACK in right as they met. Oh Michigan, you dreamy state you. The ceremony (officiated by a dear friend and mentor, fondly referred to as PD :)) was followed by a fabulous brunch, catered by Sarah’s mad-talented co-workers Keegan and Arthur and complete with smoked salmon. (!!!) Their lovely cake and cupcakes were created by another dear friend of hers, Lisa. AND, their music (possibly my favorite part of the whole day, minus the whole dreamy first-look fog ordeal where I cried because I love my friends so much) was brought to us by the incredibly talented Chris Dupont and his lovely wife Betsy, both of whom are also very dear friends of theirs. Can ya feel the love?? If you needed any further proof that John&Sarah love people well, just take a look at how loved they are by others. Yeesh.

I’ve talked enough. It’s time to take a peek at this fabulous day. :)

We love ya, J&S. So grateful for the part you play in our lives. And so grateful your paths crossed at the right time.


(Go listen to some Chris Dupont HERE while you view these. Trust me, I did. Just do it okay? :))