emily | class of 2014 | grand haven, michigan senior photography

By AlyssaWagner on December 14, 2013 | comments
It’s not too often I get to photograph just one person for an entire session, but I’ve gotta tell ya – I love it. There’s something really special about getting to dedicate a large portion of time to focus on capturing one person. To specifically set out to tell of what makes them special – their features, their quirks, their passions, just… everything that makes them beautiful individually. It’s a slower process. More talking, more adventuring, more stories. And it’s just so wonderful.

And Emily made for one killer individual to photograph. She adventured me all over the Lake Michigan coast in Grand Haven, shared about her life and her loves, and obviously worked it, because just LOOK at her. Dang.
I really enjoyed getting to commemorate this awesome season that is your final year of high school with you, Emily. You’re a gem, and you’re gonna go amazing places and do amazing things. You’re already well beyond your high school years, m’dear. Can’t wait to see all you do!

Also, I wouldn’t mind if all my senior sessions looked a lot like this one. Just sayin’. :)

Hope you enjoy, y’all. Happy Saturday!


Oh… and what kind of senior session doesn’t start with a little ‘grammin’? ;)