james&alexiana | philadelphia engagement photography

By AlyssaWagner on December 04, 2014 | comments
So, I have been really excited to blog these two lovebirds. And today is the day!

Golly – there is just so much I could say about James&Alexiana. Their energy and passion in all they do is absolutely contagious. They are goofy as all get-out and have zero problem laughing like crazy together. (As you will see. :)) And one of my favorite attributes – your time spent with them is so intentional. Conversation is rich and they make sure you know how important you are to them. So I’m just gonna let you take all of those things and sum them up and you tell me how excited I am for them to be married. :)

And on a more personal note, I finally get to publicly shout from the rooftops (or from my computer in my living room) how incredibly instrumental James has been in helping us develop this little corner of wedding photography that we call our business. (Did I mention he is a BOSS photographer?) Wow, you guys. Hours of advice, countless SOS texts and phone calls when equipment (or my brain) goes awry, and an endless stream of encouragement. We are where we are – wherever we are – today in large part because of him, and to say thanks doesn’t even come close to cutting it. Our gratitude could never be fully expressed, my friend. But for what it’s worth, thank you. Thank you thank you.

Can you imagine how excited we were when this guy and his lady said they wanted us to photograph this amazing part of their life?! :)

Enough words! Time for you all to see how darn fantastic these two are. (Oh, and after that last frame we went and got tacos so yes it was the best night known to man.)

We love you both so much. Pumped to be your wedding photographers.