Austin&Tulia | Chicago Engagement Photography

By AlyssaWagner on February 18, 2015 | comments

I totally wasn’t planning on blogging today, but sometimes I look through a set of recently finished photos and I just can’t wait. Plus… this story is just too cool. Added bonus: CHICAGO. Oh my heart, do I love this city.


(WARNING: SAPPY STORY AHEAD. Okay, now read on at your own risk.) ;)


These two are incredibly special to Drew and I. Which is a crazy thing to be able to sit here and say, because that guy you’ll see in the photos below? We dated for almost 4 years. And it really wasn’t the most amicable breakup in the world. Yeah… crazy, right?! I’ve told this story – the story of us being the wedding photographers for this fantastic celebration to-be – and have gotten some pretty strange looks from people. Understandably so! :) But what makes this whole scenario even cooler than it already sounds lies in the fact that we aren’t just their wedding photographers because everyone is amicable now – we’re their wedding photographers because we’re all the dearest of friends now. (Well, that, and I hope something about the fact that they like our work ;)) The 4 of us hung out the whole weekend surrounding these photos, and it was one of the sweeter weekends we’ve had. It was filled with laughter and music and ridiculous food and intentional conversation. We left with incredibly full hearts, so grateful for the way that life turns out sometime. Because it doesn’t always turn out that way, ya know? Sometimes friendships never get the chance to be remade – and I think that’s okay. But sometimes, just sometimes, it all takes a sweet turn, and you find that some of the people you will consider dearest are the people you least thought you would. And it’s perfect.


Austin&Tulia – gosh do we love you guys! You love the people around you so well, and holy moly you couldn’t be more perfect for one another. Also, you are incapable of taking a bad photo. So that’s makes our job pretty easy. ;)


All our love,