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By AlyssaWagner on July 27, 2012 | comments
The changes that God makes in my heart from one season to the next is without a doubt one of the most humbling (and often humorous) themes running through my life.

Within the past year, one of the most prominent has been my affections towards and thoughts regarding children. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought kids were wonderful. So cute! Such a blessing! So on and so forth! But ask me to babysit your kids? Umm… what? Oh, right, I’m sorry… I’m actually busy that day… darn it!…

And then God answered my prayers for a part-time job about a year ago with a nannying opportunity.

…and I took it?!

Since then, I have had more opportunities to watch others’ children, witness the birth of my best friend’s baby boy, and many other things that can only be by the hand of God. And wouldn’t ya know it, I’ve fallen in love with children! All the while learning more about myself (the good, the bad, the ugly…) and about this crazy, beautiful life.

So naturally, one of my absolute favorite things to do now is to photograph families with children! I love the dynamic, the energy, the complete chaos! My time with the beautiful Philpot family was no exception. Actually, they’re gonna be a tough act to beat! Their children truly are as beautiful inside as they are out, and Jamie and Rob are stellar parents. You can just tell by how their kids interact with them. Complete adoration.

Guys, thank you so much for the opportunity to spend a lovely summer morning with you all, capturing some really sweet moments. You’ve truly blessed me, and I’m deeply grateful.

(And ps… I pose as little as humanly possible, so pretty much all of what you see is just the wonderfulness that is this family.)

So without further ado…