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By AlyssaWagner on July 03, 2014 | comments
This. Day. My. Heart.

From the first email I got from Cindy, which was titled ‘You should probably be my wedding photographer.’, I knew A) that she and I were going to be immediate friends, and B) I WAS going to be her wedding photographer. End of story.

And I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but… I was ;)

The first moment I pointed my camera at these two for our engagement session (a weirdly cold May day – thanks, Michigan ;)), I was just floored by their love and admiration for each other. The images below will speak more than my words could ever could about this fact, so I’ll just let you see for yourself. It’s beautiful. And I basically cried a few times editing these because seeing two people care this much about one another will never cease to be humbling and inspiring.

I wondered at what point on their wedding day I was actually going to feel like I was working, and truth be told, that moment never came. We were treated like dear friends all day, like a part of their bridal party who just happened to be taking a whole bunch of photos. And I truly believe it’s this that helped us capture the authentic emotions you see in these images.

When Tyler&Cindy filled out their contract for me, they answered a couple of questions to humor me and I’m excited to share their answers in the wake of their lovely wedding celebration.

‘What is one thing you are really excited for on your wedding day?’

> T: ‘Spending the day with all the people we care about… and partying with them!’ (Done and DONE, btw.)
> C: ‘Not only to have all our wonderful loved ones together, but that we all get to celebrate our marriage! I’m excited to smile till my cheeks hurt!’ (I’ll let you all decide the verdict on that one based on their photos.)

‘What is one thing that makes your finace the coolest person on earth?’

> T: ‘She’s a strange duck, and is completely unashamed about that. I love the confidence that she has in herself, and in me.’
> C: ‘I love the fact that I can be completely myself and Tyler never acts ashamed or embarassed by it – he totally embraces the weirdness, and matches it!’
(I’d say those two complimented each other quite nicely ;))

And lastly, but so importantly, it was very important for Tyler&Cindy to have a wedding day that fully supported and was immersed in their dear home city that they love so much. Which is why choosing the absolutely incredible Downtown Market to host their party was a given. Without a doubt my new favorite wedding venue in Grand Rapids. Beautiful, wonderfully staffed, right in the city… yes please. To make matters better, the food all came from the market to support local farmers and businesses, which means we got to feast on authentic tacos from Tacos El Cunado and ice cream from Loves, along with some divine local cheeses and fruits and such.

Their ceremony venue and home church, Crossroads Bible Church, happens to be our own, so that was also pretty awesome. It’d say the space cleans up pretty nicely, eh? :)

Oh, and shout out to Michigan for being stupidly beautiful this day. Holy moly.

We love ya Tyler&Cindy. You’re wonderful through and through. So glad this whole wedding season has given us new friends in you both :)

So without further ado…