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By AlyssaWagner on June 13, 2013 | comments
Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s a fabulously sunny day here in Grand Rapids, which was fun to wake up to having fallen asleep to the loud booms and crashes of lightning and thunder, and the pounding of rain. I’m in love with summer thunderstorms, and there’s something that makes them even more magical when you wake up to birds singing in the glowy summer sun. It’s something akin to a peaceful newness, but I can’t quite place a finger on it. Either way – I like it. And I’m in love with Michigan summers. :)

And speaking of Michigan summers, I got to kick my summer off with an engagement session for an old high school friend and her wonderful man on Memorial Day weekend in Grand Haven! How perfect is that?! Meet Matt&Erin. I really, really like these two. From the moment we started taking photos, they were laughing and full of joy. Whether that was from the nervousness of having a huge camera in front of their faces for the first time, or the giddiness of celebrating an engagement with photos – it was infectious, and WAY too much fun. You’ll see what I mean. They are CUTE to BOOT.

Erin and I met in high school (errr… before high school? You may need to refresh my memory here, friend!) and remained friends throughout all 4 crazy years… and after! While we didn’t stay in touch a whole lot, reuniting was like picking up right where we left off. Big hugs and laughs and all. (: If you were to flip through old embarrassing high school photos, you’d be sure to find a photo of Erin and I somewhere in there with all of our girlfriends before a dance, sparkly dresses and all, rockin’ your stereotypical duck lips and/or ‘sexy leg’ photo. LOL. Oh man. I’m really hoping those don’t resurface…

Thankfully, we decided to leave those poses out of our engagement session. Though I don’t know Matt would have been so upset about it if he got to rock that pose with his woman. ;)

I am so very excited about the honor of being their wedding day photographer next June! There’s at least a small slice of perfection in getting to watch a friend who you’ve always known was as genuine and wonderful as they come get married to a man who truly cherishes her. Thanks for letting me be a part of it you guys, I’m grateful.
And now, let the crazy amounts of cuteness commence! :)