sean&rachel | grand rapids, michigan engagement photography

By AlyssaWagner on May 30, 2014 | comments
With the realization that I maybe deemed crazy for blogging the most colorful fall engagement session at the cusp of summer… I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, when isn’t autumn in Michigan completely dreamy?? Okay good I’m glad we agree.

We just had the best time with Sean&Rachel. As if it’s not obvious from these photos, we laughed basically 90% of our time together. These two have an infectious energy (and overall goofiness!) about them. It’s absolutely the best. They make it so easy to be around them – there’s just no possible way to not smile and laugh. So at the end of their June wedding I should have abs of steel. Or really sore cheeks. I’ll let you decide which one.

Sean&Rachel – thanks for inviting us along. In addition to being way too much fun, you have the ability to serve and love those around you together so well… and that’s simply the best. :)

Much love,