nate&sara | grand rapids, michigan engagement photography

By AlyssaWagner on November 04, 2013 | comments
Well, hello!

Guys, I love the fall in Michigan. I mean, I’ve always loved the fall, but for some reason – whether my preferences are changing, or just because I’m realizing more and more how fast life goes – I’m appreciating this season more this year than ever before. Even not being the biggest fan of cooler temperatures and less sunshine, there’s just something so wonderful about bundling up and braving the lovely outdoors anyway. (We’ll see how that tune changes once the snow starts to fall ;))

So in honor of this crazy gorgeous season, how about a couple people who make it even better looking’? Eh? :) Nate&Sara will be getting married next July, and I fully expect their wedding day to be filled with even more joy and laugher than this session. Together, their silliness and joy is absolutely contagious. I was smiling for at least the next hour straight after our time together. No lies.

Thanks for being awesome, you two. And thanks for suggesting we hike a little extra far for these photos… worth it!

Much love, y’all.