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By AlyssaWagner on October 03, 2014 | comments
Well hello!

Thanks for stopping by :) If you live in Michigan, winter has hit us all like an unexpected ton of bricks! Here in Grand Rapids we’re sitting at 25 inches of snow for the month… most of which has fallen in the last 5 or so days! And while it means lots of extra layers and super cautious driving, it really is pretty magical. In the last couple years I have transitioned from being a huge scrooge about the snow to learning to find ways to appreciate it. More than anything, I love that copious amounts of snow and cold causes us to slow down a bit. To not run that extra errand. To cozy up with a blanket and just stare outside. To remember that even the earth needs a break from growing and producing. It’s like a reset button that is pressed no matter how we feel about it. And I don’t know about you guys, but I desperately need that from time to time. So I am grateful. :)

Speaking of things I’m grateful for – THIS wedding day. Oh my goodness. We actually smiled and laughed all day. I actually remember several points throughout the day where Drew and I turned to look at each other at the same exact time because we were so floored by all the love and joy going on. Andy&Charlie are CRAZY about each other. It’s infectious.

When they filled out their contract for me, we had them answer a couple questions just for fun, and I feel like a couple of their answers were so spot on to the day that I just had to share :)

When asked of Charlie, “What is one thing you are really excited for on your wedding day?” She answered, “Saying my vows to Andy! I’m sure I will cry and we will smile until our faces hurt.” And let me tell ya… those smiles went nowhere, ALL day. Actually, I’m pretty sure they were so giddy that there were very few tears!

When asked of Andy, “What is one thing that makes your fiance the coolest person on earth?” He answered, “Every second I spend with her is full of joy – it doesn’t matter what we’re doing!” That answer could not be more accurate of these two. Just being with them puts you at ease and in a great mood. If they are together, it’s all good. :)

This joy-filled celebration of a day took place in the wonderful city of Ann Arbor. Their ceremony and reception were held in the Michigan Union on U of M’s campus, and I have to give a huge shoutout to Ana Skidmore over at TwoFoot Creative for being a total planning boss and keeping this day running so well. Also, these ridiculously amazing flowers were courtesy of Passionflower, who does a WHOA DANG great job.

Hope you all enjoy a peek into their lovely day, and mostly, into the incredible love that these two share. It’s really refreshing. :)

All our love, A&C. So grateful to have been a part of your wedding day!