christopher&stephanie | grand haven, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on September 21, 2013 | comments

Well, the day has finally arrived. I get to share the wedding day of my beautiful red-headed friend Stephanie, who finally got to marry the man of her dreams, high school sweetheart, and all-around just really awesome dude Christopher.


One of the very first thoughts I had when we packed our gear away at the end of their ridiculous dance party celebration of a night (after contemplating how sore I would be the next day from full day of photography + dancing like a crazed woman) was, “How on earth am I gonna come up with the right words when I blog this day?!” Seriously. That is not a lie. I thought that. Maybe I have a problem.


So, I’m going to keep it simple.


Here are a few things that I love most about C&S together, as you will see evidenced in these photos below, as are going to make their marriage one of the best ever:


1) They have an insane amount of fun together. They make one another laugh, A LOT.


2) Their families are so special, so loving, so committed to one another. These two are pretty much stepping into the best encouragement and support group for a healthy marriage of all time – families that are their biggest advocates.


And, 3) Every. Single. Time. Christopher looks at Stephanie, the same look is in his eyes. It’s even more than adoration (which is already pretty incredible), it’s complete awe that she’s his. That he found his perfect partner as a high schooler, and they made it this far.


C&S – we love you guys. We are so excited that you found each other, and that you’re finally married. :) Thank you, thank you for asking us to be such a special part of your wedding day. It was such a joy and blessing.


All our love,