jason&kara | grand rapids, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on September 07, 2013 | comments

So in my last blog post I mentioned the fact that I had just one more wedding to share from our 2013 wedding season. What I didn’t mention was quite how excited I have been to share this wedding.


Well, this is it, and I am practically exploding that I finally get to share it with you all.


I’ll start with the super surface level things I’d like to share and then go from there.


It’s up for debate since Drew and I haven’t chatted it over together, but I think it should go on record that this is some of, if not the, best work we’ve done yet. I am incredibly proud of these images. And you should know – it was these two people that we have to thank for this fact. They planned the most beautiful, meaning-filled day – all the way from handmade details galore (Kara is an amazing artist) to vows that made me shed some heavy tears. They allowed us the time and space to do our job well – trusted us implicitly, gave us the time we needed to do our job the best way we knew how, and most of all, didn’t hold back how goll darn in love they are in front of our cameras. As you will be able to tell in, ohhhh, every single image below.


So needless to say, sorry I’m not sorry this will be a pretty photo heavy blog post. The fact I was able to narrow it to this is possibly a small miracle. :)


On a deeper level, I am crazy about these two, and the story they have both individually and together. I met them both when I worked at Logan’s in my college years. Kara was an immediate friend. I could talk to her about whatever, and knew I could trust her. She was so kind to me – the newbie. It meant the world to me. Also, she made me laugh pretty hard. :) I knew Jason very little, and they weren’t even dating at the time, but what a small world it was the day I ran into both of them at the church I’d been attending for a few years… and they were holding hands! What a joy! Within the next couple months we ran into them more, got to know each other a bit better, and got to hear Jason share his story in front of our entire church family when he was baptized – a story that had me nothing short of weeping.


Their wedding was the celebration a wedding was always meant to be. Filled with laughter and tears to the brim. It was an honor to photograph, to get a front row seat to all this beauty.


HUGE thanks go to the many people who put this celebration on! Including but not limited to: Kelley and Troy Howley of Hunt & Gather (a wonderful shop here in GR full of the most perfectly curated vintage items for your home and life!) for transforming their backyard into a magical space and hosting this celebration, Lost & Found Antiques and all their rad seating, friend and bestman Tim Holstad for offering his incredible design skills throughout the day (see welcome chalkboard at ceremony and reception menu!), another dear friend and bridesmaid Laura Montoya for making the coolest wedding cake that ever was, Cupcake By Design for making cupcakes someone of any dietary restriction could eat, and Matt Poole for catering TACOS. Ridiculously amazing tacos.


We love you two – The Bolts! What a fun thing to say. :) Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for trusting and allowing us into such a special day. We’re so grateful.


And without further ado…