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By AlyssaWagner on September 10, 2013 | comments
Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope wherever you are you’re enjoying your Tuesday afternoon. Here in Grand Rapids we’re probably experiencing what will be one of, if not the, last humid 90 degree day of the year, and on my way home from lunch I saw little yellow leaves falling from a tree a few blocks from home. Can’t say I was too sad about it! I miss my boots and scarves. And am already dreaming about fall bonfires and warm lattes and pumpkin EVERYTHING.

But before I launch info fall mode, I still have a lot of summer to share with you all! Starting with these two cuties.
We met Michael&Alaina a few weekends ago for coffee at Lantern (duh, because obviously I’m obsessed) and a short photo session around town. We laughed, SO much, and I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding in just a few short weeks! They are a freakin’ dream to photograph. I mean, it’s not common you pick up your camera and your subjects are already giggling and cuddling and joking around. Perfect. And I truly think it goes to show how crazy about each other they are. They can go from beating up on each other and making goofy faces right into romance mode. They are 100% comfortable with each other. You can tell how safe they feel together – and it’s crazy beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful their wedding day will be :)

So thanks, you two, for making our weekend that much more awesome. Let’s do it again all fancy and whatnot in a few weeks, k? Sweet.