bryan&courtney | detroit, michigan wedding

By AlyssaWagner on September 27, 2014 | comments
I’ll start off this blog post with one of my favorite stories in the time I’ve been a wedding photographer, because I think it will well set the tone for how fantastic these two people are. :)

So. In August of 2013 we had a particularly fun wedding day, with a particularly fun bridal party. These people made us laugh all day, and truly treated us like old friends. Which not only made for some great photos, but made it one of the weddings we look back on with the most fondness. Pretty awesome, right? (I love this job, you guys.) As we were packing up at the end of the night, one of the bridesmaids came up to me and said – and I quote – “So when I get married, you need to shoot my wedding. I basically have a huge girl crush on you.” At which point I just knew we were going to be great friends. :) And mind you… this was before she had seen ANY of our work. We hugged, laughed, chatted a bit, I met her equally as fantastic man, and we parted ways. I’m not pessimistic person, but I remember leaving – albeit very encouraged and feelin’ loved – thinking, “Well, I suppose we’ll see…” Until I got a happy little email in my inbox from a name I recognized, with a date we had available, and within days, we were booked!

And I’ll bet you would never guess this so I’ll just let you off the hook – that bridesmaid was the lovely Courtney! ;)
It feels like forever since our first meeting, so to be finally sitting here writing their wedding blog post is bittersweet.

I will miss her lovely emails filling my inbox, and the awesome amount of anticipation we had leading up to this flawlessly beautiful day. But the sweetness of recounting Bryan&Courtney’s day here is a gift. He truly treats her like a princess, and she looks at him with an ever present sparkle in her eye… aka they’ve got a beautiful future ahead of them, and it was such an honor to help tell this part of their story! And as stunning at the Detroit Yacht Club is, and as beautiful of a day and perfect the details were, it was these two people that made these images so special. They were relaxed and fun together, gave us plenty of time to adventure around Detroit and capture their love, and trusted us implicitly. It made all the difference, and allowed for photos that were fun and captured them perfectly.

Also, because it absolutely must be highlighted… the details of this particular wedding day just could not be beat. I just have to take a moment to give the world’s biggest shout out to the incredible gals over at A Moment in Time (planning, styling) and their sister company Jen House Design (florals, styling) for the perfection that they turned the ever-lovely Detroit Yacht Club into. Not only do they do ridiculously stunning work, they are flawless to work with. Totally on top of everything and then some and pretty darn fun while they’re at it. :) The pictures will tell all, but you just had to know the masterminds behind such beautiful details!

B&C – you guys are fantastic. So grateful to have made new friends in you both, and for the chance to celebrate such a special day with you. Thanks for everything. :)

All our love,