tom&jess | michigan barn wedding

By AlyssaWagner on September 06, 2014 | comments
Welcome, new friends, old friends and passersby :) I’m happy, and grateful, you’re here!

As I (Alyssa) sit here on this delightfully dreary day, listening to the most peaceful atmospheric music I can think of while sipping a particularly excellent cup of coffee, I, needless to say, am finding myself extra reflective and grateful. It’s funny… these most recent work weeks have found me full of more complaints than anything else. Computer-screen-headache this, don’t-have-enough-time-for-anything-ever that, I-just-need-a-break-already alllll over the place. But really, when I stop, breathe, and look at everything, all I can do is be grateful. For our clients. For these beautiful stories they share with us. For my amazing, hard-working, ever-patient husband who never bats an eye at my freakout moments but rather (instead of telling me I’m being ridiculous, which is much more of what I deserve) finds ways to silently serve me better. For family and friends who encourage me flawlessly and always in perfect timing to continue on. …all of it. Even the headaches, kinda. :)

Now… these two. They are fantastic. I remember clearly getting Jess’ email back sharing a bit of why she and Tom are such a great pair that they want to commit to forever. I immediately read it out loud to Drew I loved it so much. Long story short… they’re just the best of friends. From their shared love of hunting to the fact that Jess just knows Tom has every skill and then some to protect them during a zombie apocalypse – their story just screams of admiration and an ability not to take life too seriously… together. So of course It was fabulously fun hanging out with them all day on their wedding!

I especially loved Jess’ eye for the details at their reception, which took place at The Hitching Post in Ravenna, Michigan. The pops of glitter made me far more excited than they should have, and her cake (by Kimberly’s Cakes here in Grand Rapids) had me absolutely swooning. It all came together for the most perfect rustic/romantic ambiance you could dream of. Nailed it, Jess! :)

Hope you all enjoy a peek into their wonderful day! Michigan graced us with the most lovely of weather and fantastic of sunsets. High fives for Michigan!

Thanks for everything, Tom&Jess. We think you’re awesome, couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been your wedding photographers, and will be calling on you when the zombies take over ;)

All our love,