The #1 best part of this job is knowing that we are able to capture and help people remember the amazing moments that make up the life they get to live. The things that make it unique and special and beautiful. So needless to say, the fact that we’ve been able to do that for these lovely people 3 times now is such a gift.

The miracle of new life is absolutely breathtaking. Watching these two speak to and hold their son in love and awe was truly a gift, and they are going to be (already are!) the most wonderful parents.

In any given year, I typically only have a handful of family sessions. Which, although a little sad to me with my complete adoration for photographing children, leaves me super grateful for the families I do get to be a part of. Being a married gal without kids, I really enjoy watching the dynamic of a young family as they grow. The parents, the parents with their...

I love family sessions like this one. LOVE them. In the little bit of time I got to spend with these people, I laughed enough for a whole month’s worth of photo sessions. Their love for one another is absolutely contagious, and it made me even more excited for our family to grow sometime, whenever that may be.

For those of you who don’t know, I spend a portion of my week with these two handsome little guys. And oh, what an incredible blessing it is! Since I got pretty sappy last year, I’ll try and take a different approach this year. Since I know a bit more about them all, I’ll share some of my favorite things I’ve learned about them!

One of my absolute favorite things to do now is to photograph families with children! I love the dynamic, the energy, the complete chaos! My time with the beautiful Philpot family was no exception. Actually, they’re gonna be a tough act to beat! Their children truly are as beautiful inside as they are out, and Jamie and Rob are stellar parents. You can just tell...