Meet Alyssa

There was a girl named Alyssa…   she loved photos, and taking them, and the next thing she knew… she was doing it at weddings, in people’s homes, and all over Michigan! The only sad thing was, she mostly loved her job because she loved marriage and family and love – seeing as she married her best friend, and the most dapper man in the east, and not having him around for these joyous occasions was oh-so-sad…

Meet Drew

There was a boy named Drew… He really liked art, and fun, and love. In fact, he married his best friend whom he loved to have fun and do creative things with. One day she put a camera in his hands and said, “Figure it out, because you’re coming with me!” So he picked that camera up and said, “I can take really cute pictures of my wife with this! I must master this machine!”
Today these crazy cats just love marriage, and the opportunity to watch countless others commit the rest of their lives to their best friend and do life with the people they call family. Everyone’s relationship and family has a unique story to be seen and shared, and Alyssa&Drew now get more excited every time they are invited to be a special part of some of the most meaningful and celebratory days of their new friends’ lives. True story: Alyssa cries at most weddings. Also true: Drew cries less but gives really great hugs.

When push comes to shove, they pinch themselves daily that they get to do this… together. To use their precious time and energy to create images that are both timeless and priceless for others to remember the beauty that is their love and lives. It’s all pretty amazing. Alyssa often says, “It’s more work than I could ever have imagined, but I truly can’t imagine ever doing anything else.” So now that you’ve heard a bit of their journey… wanna share yours?

Personal Factoids!

Alyssa >>
  1. Finds life unsatisfactory if she doesn’t discover new music weekly.
  2. Has a mild obsession with the color yellow. It’s the happiest.
  3. Loved AP calculus more than any other high school class.
  4. Can sing all the lyrics of most Dashboard Confessional songs.
  5. Prefers dresses over jeans any day of the week.
Drew >>
  1. Can beat anyone in Super Smash Bros. (original N64 version).
  2. Has both an old soul and the optimism of a 5 year old.
  3. Is the proud driver of a Honda Del Sol.
  4. Does the dishes.
  5. Is the great-great-nephew of Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered Pluto. Which apparently means nothing now.

...and either of them challenge you to a Ms. Pac-Man duel any day of the week. Bring it.